INTLAB - INTelligence R&D LABoratory
Developing and maintaining high-tech video analytics engines
for ITS and video security systems


We specialize in developing and maintaining high-tech video analytics engines for ITS and video security systems.

Who are we?

Intlab was founded in 2005 to develop high-tech machine learning and recognition systems.

Our team conducts research and develops highly popular software products in the field of computer vision, recognition, and video analytics. These products are intended for software development companies, integrators, and the manufacturers of end-to-end systems, automatic industrial control systems, software and hardware systems, and equipment. The initial focus on developing software as embeddable libraries makes integration as easy as possible and allows our products to be flexibly used by a wide variety of clients. Today the company has accumulated considerable experience in machine vision, image processing, and machine learning. We now have a large number of unique high-tech products that take advantage of the latest known technologies and our own know-how. All of our software products were developed inhouse.

Our mission is to advance state-of-the-art and innovative technologies on the global market, allowing clients' goals to be achieved as quickly and inexpensively as possible by developing high-quality, functional, and flexible software.

What does Intlab have to offer?

Intlab's products are software development kits (SDK) for embedding object recognition functionality (see the list of recognizable objects). They are intended for companies developing related software, equipment, or software and hardware systems.
Intlab offers SDKs, training for clients' technical personnel, and technical support during developement and deployment of software and hardware systems using our SDKs.
Partnering with Intlab lets you use the best-valued video analytics engines in your own products.

How do I integrate / try Intlab products?

To review and test our products, we have created special starter demo versions of the SDK, including 20 hours of consultations on SDK integration and use, which you can purchase from us. Thanks to our low prices and commitment to reimburse the cost of demo SDK packages if you choose to partner with us, you can make a well-considered decision and avoid unwarranted expenses.

What is the procedure for deploying my own products that incorporate Intlab products?

The SDK is deployed at a specific site in two stages. In the first stage, the client pays only for a dongle with a built-in clock, and delivery. Then the client receives a fully functioning version of the SDK with a temporary license valid for a mutually agreed term (usually 3 months). In the second stage (after an end user has installed the system at the site and verified that it works in real-world conditions), the client pays the remaining cost of the SDK and receives a license update file for the already deployed system. This file can be installed remotely. If the client desires, the first stage can be skipped. This arrangement lets the client be more flexible in how it deploys its systems and minimize financial risks associated with deployment.

What basic principles guide Intlab's work?

  • We value our reputation and want your products using our SDKs to have the highest possible quality. This can be seen in our commitment to train at least two of your employees on using the Intlab products that interest you, and to provide comprehensive support during integration.
  • We respect the principles of competition and equality among our clients. Consequently, we do not offer any exclusive rights or benefits, and we do not require that clients use Intlab products exclusively.
  • To ensure the hightest quality level of service, our technical support is provided mainly through our online service desk to clients' registered employees who have completed our training program. Intlab guarantees a response time of two business hours to client requests made through the online technical service desk. If you have emergency requests or are unable to submit a request online, we are also happy to help you over the phone. 
  • Intlab offers a limited warranty on its software and protection dongles for one year after purchase. Post-warranty service is available if a supplementary agreement is concluded.
  • Intlab provides free lifelong software updates within each generation of the SDK (major version), except for subscription-based licenses.
  • The specific set of software products made available by Intlab is intended to provide "options", i.e. to let clients pay only for the functionality needed in their current project without unnecessary features that would increase the cost of the final system.
  • Intlab's pricing is designed to promote long-term mutually beneficial partnerships and extends equal terms to all clients.